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Letter urging Shepley run for Congress, Portland, 1862

Letter urging Shepley run for Congress, Portland, 1862
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Like most soldiers, Brig. Gen. George F. Shepley kept in close contact with friends and family at home, including his parents, his daughters, and former colleagues and associates,

Portland and Maine had not forgotten Shepley, either. Especially as the 1864 presidential elections neared, Shepley was a highly sought-after speaker in Maine and elsewhere.

In May 1862, not long after Shepley became military commandant of New Orleans, Sylvanus R. Lyman of Portland, active in Maine Democratic politics, wrote him to urge him to run for the U.S. Senate.

Lyman wrote that there was discussion of putting Shepley up for governor, but that "we could do far better with your name for Congress."

He urged Shepley to repudiate having his name put up for governor.

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