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Experience of Jewish Teenagers in Maine

Shabbat Service, Camp Lown, Oakland, 1947

Shabbat Service, Camp Lown, Oakland, 1947

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Colby College Special Collections

Jewish teenagers fully embraced Maine's well-known slogan, "Vacationland." In the summer, many children and teens attended Camp Lown, a Jewish camp where they had fun and met other Jewish kids.

They even had Maccabiah games, which were their own distinctly Jewish version of color war.

There were Jewish camps throughout the state, many of which are still in existence today.

For example, Camp Walden and Camp Kennebec were both "ethnically" Jewish, although no religious observances took place.

At the same time, there are many camps where youth and teens chant blessings before and after meals and get dressed up to observe Shabbat. These camps include Camp Lown, Camp Modin, Camp Kingswood, and the newest addition, Camp Micah.

Whether religious or not, Jewish camps offered teens the opportunity to actively affirm their Jewish identity while they integrate into the outdoor culture of Maine.

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