Early Fish Canneries in Brooklin

Sardine Canneries at Brooklin

Sardine Canneries at Brooklin
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Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society

Center Harbor is located within the town of Brooklin; the harbor is well protected which helped make it a desirable location for fish canneries. By the 1900s, canneries were located on the northern edge of the small harbor. Sardines were the primary product that were processed, although over the years, other fish, as well as clams and even blueberries, were packed.
Historically it is hard to identify the exact locations of different buildings on the small harbor; over the years the various canneries were sold, renamed, and finally closed.
This photograph, looking toward the southeast, shows one of the early sardine canneries. Prior to the opening of the processing plants on Center Harbor, other fish products of the area included hake, haddock, mackerel, clams, lobsters and porgies (for the oil); most were for home use or local export.

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