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Pemaquid Negotiations, 1677

Joshua Scottow, a Boston merchant, reported on negotiations with Indians at Fort Charles at Pemaquid.

Scottow and his group arrived at Pemaquid on Aug. 5, 1677. In 1675, Indians and the English were at war and the English abandoned the fort at Pemaquid.

They reoccupied the fort in 1677 and signed a peace accord with the Indians. Scottow writes about the arrival of various Indians on Aug. 8 and that "after a debate confirmd & signd ye articles formerly agreed to." The Indians also agreed to give up 9 captives they held.

Later, Indians complained that they had given up captives, but the English still held six captives.

The two sides agreed to end hostilities, give up all prisoners, return any vessels they had captured from the other side. When the agreements were signed and prisoners returned, the English returned to Boston.