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Scott Nearing, Harborside, 1983
Scott Nearing, Harborside, 1983Item Contributed by
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Scott Nearing (1883-1983) and his wife, Helen Knothe Nearing (1904-1995), were noted for their books on ecology, including, Living the Good Life: How to Live Simply and Sanely in a Troubled World; Man's Search for the Good Life; The Maple Sugar Book; Simple Food for the Good Life and others.

They moved to Maine in 1952 from Vermont and experimented with ways to be self-sufficient in a cold climate with a short growing season.

Their books helped to inspire the back-to-the-land movement in Maine that brought many people into the state.

Scott Nearing is pictured at his Harborside Farm home in July 29, 1983. He died in August 1983.