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Alice B. Ricker, Class of 1894

The Seminary Building, Westbrook Seminary, ca. 1892

The Seminary Building, Westbrook Seminary, ca. 1892

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Abplanalp Library, UNE

Alice Ricker's course of study included Latin, Greek and French in addition to English, algebra, geometry, history and rhetoric.

Tuition for this College Preparatory coursework was $9.50 a term. Modern languages were an additional $2.50 a term.

There were three terms per year, and classes were held in the Seminary Building.

Required courses included elocution and physical culture -- elocution "to train the mind" and physical culture to promote "health to the entire body."

The old Chapel had been refitted as a gymnasium and it was "expected that henceforth systematic training in Physical Culture" would "be a prominent feature in Westbrook Seminary."