Sugar and Spice: Our Vintage Recipes

Curated by Jamie Kingman Rice, this exhibit originally appeared at Maine Historical Society in the Spring 2015. Sponsorship for the physical exhibition provided by Rabelais Fine Books on Food & Drink.

In recent decades, Maine emerged as a formidable leader in culinary culture and provides local, organic, and farm- and sea-to-table ingredients for both home cooks and restaurateurs nationwide. While the recognition of Maine’s role in the food world is relatively new, the state embraces a long tradition of palatable innovation and creativity with respect to recipes, cooking technology, and homeopathic remedies.

Sugar and Spice: Our Vintage Recipes showcases recipes from the collections of the Maine Historical Society, dating from the 18th century to the 1950s. Included here are sweet treats, traditional favorites, promotional printings, medicinal concoctions, curious libations, and recipes that have fallen out of favor, like calf’s foot jelly. Though not exclusive to Maine, these recipes tell the story of generations of Mainers who accessed unique ingredients, established or followed food trends, and proved their creativity when bringing family around the table or healing loved ones.

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