Maine Eye & Ear Infirmary Birth

A story by anonymous from 1951

I was born at the Maine Eye & Ear Infirmary in Portland in September of 1951. I often reflected on so many unknowns about this place, about the connection to the Maine Children's Hospital which merged with the Eye & Ear Infirmary in 1951 becoming the Maine Medical Center.

I often wondered how may other children were born, and possibly remained at that hospital until their transition to orphanages and foster homes in the Portland area.

I often wondered how many of my sisters, brothers, half sisters and half brothers also began their lives at this very place, and I wondered where they transitioned to next, and after , where they grew up and what their lives were like?

I often wonder about my history, some stories I was told, the truth versus fiction.

I often wondered who my doctors were upon my birth, and what they thought.

To tell the story would require many words, much time and even more research than I have already attempted.

I also wonder how many doctors after 1950, when around that time, Thalidomide was banned, continued to prescribe or provide this pill to their pregnant patients?

I often wonder what the names of the doctors were who worked in this facility, and supported the maternity division in 1951. I wonder?

I was born and named "Hope"! A beautiful name, a beautiful life! No matter what, or how my story ends, the wonders, the answers to questions should never cease, as that is our freedom, our right to know, to ask!!