Born in Bangor 1936

A story by Priscilla M Naile from 1936-1940

My father died in 1937. He was the first violinist in the Bangor symphony orchestra. I was a year and a half when he died, leaving 5 children. There was an epidemic of TB and he died from it.

My sister and I were put into an Open Air home to isolate us, until they knew we didn't have this disease. I don't remember coming home, but I do remember standing up in front of the window over the carriage house looking out. There were 3 large trees down the driveway. In those days Mothers did not work and there was no real life insurance. Without an income how could she care for her children. The family wealth was taken by my fathers brother. We lived in our Kossuth Street house until I was 3 and left because we were not wanted there. The daughter in law and her children were no longer part of the family, it was clear.

We moved to South Park Street for a while, in a cute little house, as Mother got a job at the 5 and Dime, but that turned out to not be enough to pay the rent. My mother got sick and we went back to our Kossuth street home, but my Uncle's wife didn't want to care for us, so we were taken to the Children's Home. It was a blessing. When my Mother was well she came and got us. The place was well run and we were well cared for. I learned later in life that many children were cared for by the Home. They made it feel as comfortable as possible. I went back when I was in my 70s to thank them. They still had my records. It was not considered an orphanage, but a safe place for children to stay. The estate was given a beach estate that we were able to go in summer. Thank you to those who donated those beautiful homes to care for the children.

We are in need of this type place today. Foster homes do not work! I can remember my sister who had a beautiful voice being able to be in the music room. They remembered my Father and the beautiful music he played and what had happened to him, they were so kind to us. They are the true heroes. Thank you.

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