Nicole Morin-Scribner: living the dreams of her immigrant parents

A story by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center "Voices of Biddeford" project from 1950s to 2019

Voices of Biddeford interview with Nicole Morin-Scribner on April 13, 2019

Nicole's family arrived with the last wave of French-Canadians who moved to work in Biddeford's mills. Her parents intentionally made the big decision to leave their country in order to provide for their family. As a result of their sacrifices, Nicole went on to have opportunities they never dreamt of. For someone who could only say three things in English when she started school, she went on to hold leadership roles in her profession and speak at national conferences. "For a time, I thought I was just an immigrant, just from Biddeford, Maine, just a woman. I’m a strong believer in looking beyond the labels, stereotypes and expectations. If I can have these achievements, so can anyone if given the chance."

In this interview, Nicole shares her Canadian heritage and family history dating back to the 1600s; the benefits and challenges of having a different first language; growing up in Biddeford in the 60s and 70s including the closing of St. Louis High School; and the importance of continued connection to Québec and living through the transitioning role of women. Of note are the tremendous changes for the 4 generations in her family: Valéda, farm mother of 12; Aurore, mill worker; Nicole, HR Director; Valeda, from aerospace engineer to solo world traveler and in 2019 Carbon Advisor addressing climate change.

Recorded on April 13, 2019

This interview is part of a series which provides the perspectives across three generations involved in immigration from Québec to Biddeford. To view the series, check out her grandmother's (Valeda Couture) and mother and aunt's (Aurore Morin & Huguette Paquette) interviews.

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Nicole Morin-Scribner October 25, 2018

4 generations in 1981: Valeda Couture holding Valeda Scribner, Nicole Morin-Scribner and Aurore Morin

1985 - Valeda Couture, 94 and Valeda Scribner, 15

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