How roses and the Maine Rose Society became a big part of my life

A story by Clarence Rhodes from 1965-2010

Clarence talks about growing, exhibiting, and judging roses in Maine and around the world.

Clarence Rhodes, a well-known rose grower in America and Maine in the 1960s-2000s, talks about what started his rose growing, how his hobby changed over the years, and how growing and exhibiting roses shaped his life. Clarence and his wife, Phyllis, served as officers in the Maine Rose Society, traveled to Europe to see rose shows and gardens, and he become a professional judge at rose shows around the country. The Maine Rose Society started in the 1960s and continued through 2012. For Clarence and many others it was a great social, educational, and competitive club over the years. The Maine Rose Society folded in 2010. Recorded September 3, 2020.