A story by Leslie from 2020

I moved to OOB in a roommate situation July 2019. I was slowly developing a life at the age of 62 in a new place; well, new this time but I had lived in Maine back in the 1980s.

Unfortunately any contacts I had from the past ignored my requests for contact so I was entirely alone. I belonged to a dance meet up, volunteered at the animal shelter, and worked at three different school districts as a sub. Had a difficult roommate situation, but was riding out a lease that would not end until the summer, Then March 12 hit: The schools closed. I filed for unemployment on the 22nd but got nowhere (I had zero income for four whole months. I could not get through to unemployment despite calling every day, mailing a letter, avail....finally received something in July. Whew!

There was no cable in this place; no one else watched TV. I used a leaf antenna and got used to watching one of the only channels: CBS. Even now in a different place, no cable. I repeatedly watch the news, "Lets Make a Deal", "Price is Right", etc.

To keep from going mad, but trying to stay safe, I took walks, went to the drive in (alone, super fun), and to the beach.

As someone 62 with diabetes who gets horrific colds anyhow, I am TERRIFIED of the virus. Now the school is calling me back to sub. The county has just been downgraded from a green to yellow code. I am in a terrible dilemma and don't know what to do!

Lastly, politics affect me greatly and I have been keeping my eye on the election situation with baited breathe. But am honestly glad to be in a Blue state at this time. I continue to live very isolated with unfriendly roommates and hope I stay motivated to live up here.