Maine Anti-slavery efforts

Minutes, Portland Anti-Slavery Society, 1844-1846, 1850-1851

Minutes, Portland Anti-Slavery Society, 1844-1846, 1850-1851
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This book contains the secretary's records of the Portland Anti-Slavery Society, including the Preamble, Constitution, and organizational information. The group, formed in 1844 (an earlier anti-slavery society had existed as well) included African-Americans from the Munjoy Hill area as well as a variety of white residents of Portland. Men and women belonged to the group. In many locations, women were not allowed to belong to male anti-slavery societies.

The group followed the ideas of William Lloyd Garrison, who believed in immediate abolition and moral suasion to end slavery. The records book includes discussions of these issues as well as indications of conflict with city officials about holding anti-slavery lectures.

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