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Doggett's Castle, Westport Island, ca. 1908

Doggett's Castle, Westport Island, ca. 1908
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Westport Island History Committee

Doggett's Castle, a steep metamorphic granite cliff reaching over one hundred feet in height above the Sheepscot River, is located on the east side of Westport Island.

Captain Samuel Doggett (1685-1745) reportedly anchored his vessel, the Dolphin, beneath this shear ledge to trade with the Native people of the region.

Since the only approach to this mooring spot was by water, Captain Doggett reportedly felt it was safe and called it his 'castle'. The name has remained.

"Rocks, that’s all you can see [at Doggett's Castle]."
Verlie Greenleaf, 1987

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