Shax and laxoox: tea with milk and Somali bread.

A story by Kheyro Jama from 2018

Shax and Laxoox

Lahooh (laxoox) is a Somali flat bread, spongy like a pancake but with a lot of holes on the top, cooked only on one side. These flat breads are staple in East Africa and it is enjoyed through out the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is best enjoyed warm right off the griddle with butter and sugar or honey then soaked with a cup of tea, or it is eaten with savory dishes like stews, soups etc.

This dish is the most common breakfast that majority of us from Somalia serve, as breakfast. Specially, if you're from Northern Somalia like myself - this dish is what you would prefer as breakfast, called shax and laxoox, meaning, tea with milk and Somali bread.

We use three different type of flour, you can use all white flour if you wish. In this recipe we used wheat and millet flour for a authentic taste.