Beef Cutlet always reminds me of home in Iran

A story by Parivash Rohani from 1979

Beef Cutlet

In 1979 the fanatical Islamic regime burned down my home along 500 other Baha'i minority believers residences. At that time I left Iran and went to India, leaving everything behind for safety. Of course among many things that connected me to Iran from thousands of miles away was food, music, prayer and poetry.

I live in Maine now, but to remember the good times we had in Iran, I often prepare a beef cutlet dish. It is a simple food consisting of hamburger, onion, potatoes and eggs mixed with Persian spices. This meal is usually served with any or all of these side dishes: fresh herbs of different kinds, yogurt, tomato sauce, Persian salad, red bean stew and Persian bread.

Every time I prepare this dish I get emotional. This is a food that is usually prepared for picnics and travel. Even today, if you go picnicking or traveling with the Iranians, I bet you that cutlet dish is on the menu.

Although food is a physical phenomena, it sure has a calming emotional and spiritual impact when accompanied by love, company of friends and family and laughter.

Beef Cutlet

My story written in Persian/Farsi language