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Spruce stand, MacMahan Island, 1957

Spruce stand, MacMahan Island, 1957
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Westport Island History Committee

Pictured is a typical spruce stand (25-35 cords per acres) on MacMahan Island before a managed clear cutting operation. The lumber was cut by Westport Island sawmill owner, Edwin Cromwell under the supervision of Pejepscot Paper Company forester Linwood Rideout.

The year-plus operation combined clear-cut patches and a fire lane spanning the width of the island. Cromwell's loggers stayed on the island a week at a time, going home to Westport on the weekends.

The harvested lumber was boomed to Westport Island across Goose Rocks passage at the mouth of the Sheepscot River and transported to the paper company in Topsham for processing.

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