My story about tours of duty in Vietnam

A story by Maynard Bradley from 1967-1970

I was born in Maine and grew up in Houlton. I think Maine is great and beautiful. I love the four seasons, and the people in Maine, I really love my Native family. I enlisted because I wanted to serve my country, and I served in the Army, Special Forces as a Green Beret. I adapted well to military life, and I am proud to have served.

Well, I went to Vietnam in 1967-1970. I was into a lot of battles with Special Forces. My object was to go out at dark and return at dawn. We would look for POW camp sites, down aircraft, and other info from the Villages that were in the area. But all of this seems to be a lifetime away, although I re-live it every night.

I was proud to be a Green Beret. I did get hurt in 1968 during the Tet Offensive. I guess I went over too many times. They tell you not to make friends but that is hard to do when you fight, live, and sometimes have a little fun together. It’s hard not to make friends. But that was over fifty years ago.

Then when we came home we did not get the welcome that we expected. I am glad that I came home but even how I feel the pain of it all. I rose in rank pretty fast and received many decorations. now they hang on my wall collecting dust. My doctor says that I have P.T.S.D among other things. I do have other vet friends. I am disabled at 10% PT but most of all I feel lonely. But I know I am not the only one.