I worked my way up to Foreman at International Paper Company

A story by Arthur Benedetto from 1930s-2017

Arthur Benedetto, age 98, talked about working his way up in International Paper's mill in Jay, moving from the pick ax pile as a young man, to a foreman on working on computers prior to his retirement, and his love of playing the violin.

I was born in 1919. After I graduated high school, it was during the Depression. I was hired by the CCC and spent two years fighting gypsy moths and picking gooseberries.

I came back to Jay, and worked my way up in International Paper, moving from the pick ax pile at the Otis Mill to a foreman on computers at the Androscoggin Mill during 1940-1979. I took a hiatus for World War II, and when we came back, women were working in the mills.

I love playing the violin, something I still do today at the VFW hall and at nursing homes.