Development of Washington County through the Eastern Eye was a broadly collaborative project coordinated by Liz Fitzsimmons. The Penobscot Marine Museum is grateful to the following individuals and organizations in Washington County for contributing information, stories and personal recollections for the captions:

Jeanette Perry (Addison)
Al Churchill (Baring, Calais and Woodland)
Sandra Prescott (Bucks Harbor)
Kathy Upton (Cherryfield)
Dick Grant (Columbia Falls)
Linda Throckmorton (Cutler)
Lorraine Springer (Danforth)
Ron Windhorst (Dennysville)
Wayne Wilcox (Eastport)
Art Wheaton (Grand Lake Stream)
Glendon E. Carter (Harrington)
Melanie Bridgham Moore (Jonesboro)
Donald C. Woodward (Jonesport and Beals)
Ronnie Peabody (Jonesport)
Ron Pescha and Pauline and Harold Bailey (Lubec)
Valdine Atwood and the Machias Historical Society (Machias, East Machias and Machiasport)
Lyman Holmes (Machias and Jonesport)
Christine Small (East Machias)
Albert Sousa (Machiasport)
Jeff Orchard (Meddybemps)
Ellen Strout (Milbridge)
Gail Menzel (Pembroke)
Frances and Kevin Raye (Perry)
Sharon Norman (Princeton)
Mary Ann Duvall (Robbinston)
John Preston (Roque Bluffs)
Ed Hart (Steuben)
Eva Severance (Topsfield)
Joyce Middleton (Waite)
Dr. Harold Crosby (Whiting)
Judy Spencer and Roger Huntley (Whitneyville)
Beverly Ober (Woodland)

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