Steamboats "Rebecca" and "Fairy of the Lake," Moosehead Lake, ca. 1890

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This photograph shows the Rebecca and Fairy of the Lake steamboats on the west shore of East Cove on Moosehead Lake.

The Rebecca, built in 1881, for John Eveleth and was named in honor of Rebecca Eveleth Crafts. Charles Capen was captain in 1901 with Charles Greeley as engineer. In 1903 it was sold "with all its furniture" to the Coburn Steamboat Company.

The Fairy of the Lake, was 140 foot side-wheeler with a low-pressure engine and walking beam. It was built by Major Benjamim S. Bigney in 1858 for John Eveleth.

Prentis A. Snow was captain of that vessel which was one of the few side-wheeler steamboats traveling 8 - 10 m.p.h. used on Moosehead Lake. Both vessels were involved in transporting passengers, freight and mail to various locations on Moosehead Lake.

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