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Stenger's Wharf and the Lobster Pot

In 1928 Charlie and Ida Stenger bought the Jameson & Wotton Wharf. They closed the wharf store, and in 1930 they opened the Lobster Pot restaurant. Commercial lobstering continued at the wharf, but it is best remembered as the site of the Lobster Pot, a seasonal restaurant specializing in shore dinners, costing 65 to 75 cents.

The restaurant had 8-10 tables with generous views of the harbor and a few tables outdoors. It was open from noon to night, seven days a week.

Local residents Kay Lash, Ella Verge, and Rosie Carter were waitresses, and they were paid $15 a week. Ella and Rosie lived above the old Jameson & Wotton store.