Jameson & Wotton Store

The Jameson and Wotton store catered to local villagers and fishermen. Moreover, it brought the store to fishermen living on remote islands in Muscongus Bay by offering deliveries via the Foster D, a motorized lobster smack. Invoices from the period include a wide variety of items carried by the store and shipped to the wharf from as far away as Boston and as near as Rockland.

Food products, such as cocoa, grain, cakes and candy, and fishermen’s gear, such as chain, wire, rope, and boots, were shipped to the wharf.

At the same time, local products, such as lobsters, clams, hens, and eggs were shipped from the wharf. When the clam business was at its peak, the wharf bought 7000 barrels of clams and often shipped out 100 barrels at a time.