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Camp Durrell

According to an article in the Cambridge Chronicle on May 10, 1902, Miss Francis Moody of Bath, Maine transferred her deed for Moody Island, located one mile off the coast of Maine from Friendship, to the executive committee of the T.M.C.A (The Men’s Christian Association) of Massachusetts and Rhode Island “for developing sturdy manhood and physical health.”

The article conjures up an idyllic picture of camp life. “There is enough wood to have glorious campfires for all time to come.” Campers will sing camp songs “as only boys can sing” and indulge in “familiar chats” drawing them “close to each other and their Maker.”

In addition to the usual activities associated with camp life--games and sport, swimming and boating--there is the added benefit of being near good deep-sea fishing, as well as the fact that “lobsters abound and the camp is well stocked with tackle, lobster traps, and clams.”