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Mellie Dunham playing his fiddle, Norway, ca. 1927

Mellie Dunham playing his fiddle, Norway, ca. 1927
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Norway Historical Society

Alanson Mellen "Mellie" Dunham started playing fiddle for local dances as early as age 17.

His wife, Emma Richardson Dunham, known as "Gram," played the piano. Music was a part of their family life as well as a part of their community life.

In the family's parlor was a pump organ, which their daughter, Pearl, learned to play as a child.

Pearl's husband, Nathan Noble, was also a musician; he started playing the fiddle when he was very young and was playing for local dances at age 16.

In 1907 the family quartet began playing for dances at the newly formed Heywood Club.

Pearl died in 1918 and in 1920, her daughter Cherry took her place in the orchestra.

The group played at many local venues, including the Grange and other dance halls.

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