San Life: The Western Maine Sanatorium, 1928-1929

Four patients, Western Maine Sanatorium, 1928

Four patients, Western Maine Sanatorium, 1928
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Maine Historical Society

Merle Wadleigh of Portland, who was about 24 when this photo was taken, spent part of 1928 and 1929 at the Sanatorium.

Like many patients there, he kept track of his weight as a sign of his progress fighting the disease, which previously had been known as "consumption" because it physically consumed the patients.

On this photo, probably sent to his mother, Wadleigh wrote, "July 1928, The four horsemen, This was taken when I was in Reception. I weighed 140."

Patients at the Sanatorium began their stays in Reception, and were moved to men's or women's cottages after their conditions were assessed and treatment begun.

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