About this project

This project was achieved through the collaborative efforts of the Mantor Library and the History Department at the University of Maine at Farmington. An extension of an existing working relationship between the library and History Department, the project provided new primary research opportunities for students by involving them in our efforts to preserve and promote the history of our institution.

The goal of our project was to capture some of the unique and colorful history of the University of Maine at Farmington during the 1900s - 1940s, when it was known as Farmington State Normal School. Our exhibit focuses on the early history of the institution by highlighting significant contributions by early presidents and women faculty and explaining some of the traditions, events and programs that helped build the school. We have also featured images from photo albums and scrapbooks of F.S.N.S. graduates for a glimpse of the social life and customs typical of the late 1910s – 1930s, as well as a history of the well-loved Home Economics program and its "Cottage babies," a significant part of the school's past.

This exhibit will be a part of the University of Maine at Farmington’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2013-2014.

Our Research

Under the guidance of Professor Allison Hepler, students in the “History of UMF” course in fall 2011 and the "History of Maine" course in spring 2012 did research using the University's archives and related resources as well as conducted original research which they then contributed to the University's collections. The project provided students with hands-on experience using primary sources and practice doing oral history research, and gave them the opportunity to place UMF's history in a broader social and cultural context by exploring connections between the university, local community and beyond.

The library also had a student assistant who worked with on the project.

HTY 277 (Fall 2011)
Devin Boilard
Morgan Buker
Tom Callahan
Chelsey Curtis
Bruce Dodge, Jr.
Sterling Doiron
Dakota Fournier
Brittany Garcia
Brianna Holloran
Jack Karn
Abbey Randall
Lauren Shann
Angela Wight

HTY 240 (Spring 2012)
Margaret Boynton
Abby Cherry
Kate Fehlau
Brody Ford
Brandon Gallagher
Amber Gray
Brianna Holloran
Anaelle Huber
Rachel Joiner
Eliza LaBelle
Michael LaFreniere
Alida Peake
Brianna Peters
Noah Poto
Georgia Qualey
Paul Santamore
Brittany Sawyer
Sam Smith
Jasmine Strout
Ryan Sucy
Benjamin Sylvain
Lydia Whiting
Danielle Woodworth

Library Student Researcher
: Zachary Stevens

Mantor Librarians: Laurie MacWhinnie and Kelly Boivin