Lt. Charles Bridges, 80th Colored Troops

Charles Bridges promotion, Castine, 1861

Charles Bridges promotion, Castine, 1861
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Maine Historical Society

Bridges was 22 when the Castine Light Infantry militia unit to which he belonged became part of the new 2nd Maine Infantry.

At the outbreak of war, President Abraham Lincoln had asked the states for 75,000 men to serve for ninety days – at the time, few expected a long war – and Maine was asked for one regiment, or 1,000 men.

In a declaration of patriotism, the legislature approved raising 10 two-year regiments, combining existing militiamen with new volunteers.

Five militia companies from Bangor and Penobscot Bay, more ceremonial than martial, anchored the 2nd Maine. The Castine Light Infantry became Company B.

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