Eastern Maine Medical Center: 1892-1920

Dr. Willam Castein Mason, Bangor, ca. 1920

Dr. Willam Castein Mason, Bangor, ca. 1920
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Eastern Maine Medical Center

In 1921, under the new by-laws, the small executive committee meets monthly with Dr. Stone and holds special meetings whenever necessary, so that "the committee in authority for the operation of the Hospital will be able to keep in close touch with conditions, methods and needs."

The American College of Surgeons places EMGH on the approved list "after a rigid exam by their representative on the ground."

Reviewers urge improved record keeping.

Thaxter house is purchased as a residence for nurses.

An outbreak of typhoid fever strikes in September.

The annual report lists these departments: finance, grounds, publicity, auditing, insurance, repairs, housekeeping and engineering.

The hospital's first roentgenologist (today's radiologist), Dr. Forrest B. Ames, is appointed in 1922.

Ruth C. Ohlson, R.N. is named anesthetist.

The medical staff is "quick to avail themselves" of the discovery of insulin in the treatment of diabetes.

"The paint shop, which is now located in a room off the kitchen corridor, should be removed at the earliest possible time to a separate building. ...a carpenter shop and machine shop should also be placed in the same building as there is work enough to warrant larger quarters." --Superintendent George H. Stone, M.D.

Obstetrical delivery bed and gas-oxygen and ether apparatus are purchased for the operating room.

A metabolism outfit is installed in the lab.

The copy in this exhibit is taken from the contents of:

One Hundred Years of Caring, A Chronology, Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1892-1992

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