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Experience of Jewish Teenagers in Maine

Hillel Silver Jubilee, 1949

Hillel Silver Jubilee, 1949

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Maine Historical Society

Chapters of Hillel, the national Jewish organization on college campuses, were established at the four Maine universities.

Colby started its chapter of Hillel in 1947–48. Bates and the University of Maine had both established their chapters of Hillel by 1949 as well.

At Bowdoin, the earliest mention of Jewish students gathering together dates December 1, 1967.

That group eventually became known as the Bowdoin Jewish Organization. The BJO became affiliated with the national Hillel organization and changed its name to the "Bowdoin Hillel" in 2002.

The establishment of these Hillel chapters was significant because it was the first time that Jewish students were able to have their own distinctively Jewish organization that celebrated Jewish culture and identity.

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