The Arrival of Winter

Text by Candace Kanes

Images from the Maine Historical Society, Androscoggin Historical Society, Camden Public Library, Caribou Public Library, Davistown Museum, Lewiston Public Library, L.C. Bates Museum/Good Will-Hinckley Homes, Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media, Patten Lumberman's Museum, Pejepscot Historical Society, Sanford History Committee, and Waterford Historical Society.

Temperatures may fall, snow and ice might accumulate, but it isn't until the winter equinox arrives at the end of December that winter makes its official arrival.

Cold temperatures and frozen precipitation can be a mixed blessing. Snow needs to be removed from roads, sidewalks and driveways, but it provides innumerable opportunities for enjoyment as well.

The pleasure and the nuisance of snow have long been part of Maine's winter landscape.

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