Steve Concannon

Steve Concannon, Portland, 1983

Steve Concannon, Portland, 1983

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Steve Concannon (1900-2011) was born in Derryloughane East, County Galway.

He came to Portland in 1921 and married a woman whose family name was Feeney. They lived in the West End of Portland

As a young man, he worked longshore.

A fluent Irish speaker, he often returned to Ireland to visit family.

He said, "I might be gifted with memories…"

Of the union, he said, "When I joined the union longshore in November 1921, my uncle told me at the time there were 1,200 members. Really, 80 percent I would say of those members in the longshore union they were all Irishmen that came direct from Ireland. And they all spoke Gaelic. I felt right at home with them – that's all I cared to speak …"

He was interviewed interviewed February 3, 1983.