Pat Malone

Pat Malone, Portland, 1984

Pat Malone, Portland, 1984

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Pat Malone (1897-1985) was born in Rosaveal, County Galway, Ireland, and served in the Irish Republican Army between 1917 and 1921.

He immigrated to Pittsburgh in 1923 at age 26.

He lived on Stetson Court (off Park Street) with his family.

He was known as one of the finest Irish story-tellers (seanachi).

When asked about his ability to speak Irish, Malone answered: "Oh, all Irish! Course, yes! When I meet somebody to talk Irish with me, I don't speak no English. I was able to read and write Irish – I can't now. They changed their language there. I can sing you songs in Irish."

Responding to the ethnic mix of workers alongshore, Malone remembered: "Most of the longshoremen were Irish born, at first. Native borns? They were alright. Very few when I started, but they started coming, coming, coming…"

He was interviewed February 20, 1984.