Individual Partners: Learn how to share YOUR collections

Individual Partners: Learn how to share YOUR collections Individual Partners: Learn how to share YOUR collections

Guidelines for submitting content to Maine Memory Network

Below are the guidelines for sending digital files to be used in Maine Memory Network (MMN).

Content and Process:

  • Your image or object needs to be of, or about, Maine.
  • Your items should be identified with names, location and dates, be of historial interest and relevance, and will be archived on Maine Memory Network for future use and research.
  • You may upload one file at a time. This creates a record for each item.
  • Records are reviewed for pertinent information and format, and may be copy edited.
  • Most records will go online after they are cataloged by a Maine Historical Society (MHS) staff person. We may need to contact you about your submission if we have questions.
  • MHS has the right to refuse any record if these Guidelines or Terms of Use are not followed.

Technical Standards for images:

  • Scan your photographs on a flatbed scanner. Enter the dimensions of your photograph on the DPI calculator below to find out the resolution (DPI or PPI) to scan your photo.
  • Photos taken with a camera or smartphone may be sufficient. Quality standards apply.
  • Scans and photos must be in-focus, straight, in color (scan black and white photos in Color Mode to capture the sepia tone), and saved with low compression. MMN only accepts JPG format, only.
  • Set your scanner to Full Color or RGB, 24 bit color.
  • Scan or photograph the entire item, not just a portion of it. Try to fill the frame but leave a small space or border around the item. See example of photograph of chair. See example of scan of a photograph.
  • When saving the JPG file, select low compression or high quality. In Photoshop elements, select a quality of 11.
  • Do not scan the back of the photo. Instead, enter any pertinent information into the description field of the online form when you submit the record.
  • When photographing objects with a camera, please follow these instructions. Photography Guidelines.
  • Please contact if you need further instructions.
DPI Calculator

Determine the resolution you need to scan your photograph.

Enter size in inches using decimal i.e. 7.5 inches

Remember when saving the JPG file, you select "High Quality" and "Low Compression"


  • See the Terms of Use.
  • Images that appear on Maine Memory Network from individual contributors are not for sale but may be used for educational purposes.
  • MHS or Maine Memory Network does not own the copyright to items added to its database or My Maine Stories.
  • No photos of children who are under the age of 18 at the time of submission are allowed.
  • MHS and all its related sites are compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule and therefore no photos or stories from children under the age of 13 are allowed.

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