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Home: The Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Portland - The Longfellow Era: 1807-1901

… in our town is the constant stir up by the horse cars. For the past months we have had the full benefit of the tearing down of brick and plastering…

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Lubec, Maine - McCurdy Herring Smokehouse - Page 3 of 4

… years after, the herring sticks were placed on a “horse.” At the end of the smokehouse era but well before the time Van Riper took his pictures, an…

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Lubec, Maine - McCurdy Herring Smokehouse - Page 4 of 4

When Landmarks acquired McCurdy’s, the horses had long since been replaced. No doubt the old ones at that time were worn out from hard use and being…

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Lubec, Maine - The Blizzard of '34 - Page 1 of 2

The following week’s edition of the newspaper on January 25 reported that the town had appealed for outside assistance. The New Deal’s Public Works

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Islesboro--An Island in Penobscot Bay - Historical Overview

Horses first came to Islesboro in the early 1800s, purchased primarily by the wealthier residents. Horses were used as the main form of land-based…

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Lubec, Maine - S.S. Cumberland: Steamer Brought Passengers and Prosperity to Lubec but Met Tragic End

… greatly from the new steamer service with horse drawn single and double hitches a common sight along the wharf.

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Lubec, Maine - Lubec History

The work was there for whoever needed it. We women used to have a good time. It was hard work but we all knew one another; we were like a family.”…

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Islesboro--An Island in Penobscot Bay - Early Settlements

Very few residents could afford horses so walking was the primary means of transportation. For those who did not go to sea for a living, time was…

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Islesboro--An Island in Penobscot Bay - Businesses and Cottage Industries

… by home delivery began to take place, first by horse and buggy, later by delivery truck. These businesses proliferated during the '40s and '50s…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Intro: pages 22-71

… and events mentioned include: Ernst Sjostedt Horse racing Dramatic Club of Brownville John French George Knowles John Pomlow Electric street…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Fiske Block, Broad Street, Bangor, 1864

… John Womans' Barn was set on fire E H Tebbets horse shed and 4 stores commencing at I W Pattens and running north Cyras Goss were entirely consumed…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - The Sagadahock House and The Sagadahoc Block

A stick of lumber fell from the saw horses as Haley was walking by and struck him with great force. It hit the ground hard enough that Dr. E.M.