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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Day 1

Written by Clio Barr Ice Storm Extras The ice storm of 1998 was a natural disaster in Maine. It was a bad storm for everyone, it killed people and…

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm In Hallowell

Ice Storm In Hallowell Ice Storm In Hallowell by Ashley Boerner and Tiffiny McCollett I don’t like ice storms that much.

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Interviews - Page 2 of 2

Ice Storm Interviews Ice Storm, Wingate Residence, Hallowell, 1998Hubbard Free Library Clio Barr's Interview of Wendy Wingate about the Ice…

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Historic Hallowell - Blizzards in Hallowell

Near the beginning of the storm, snow plows were able to clear the roads. Eventually neither cars nor the plows could even drive through it.

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Historic Hallowell - Days 6 & 7

… The Devastation of the 1998 Hallowell Ice Storm The Ice Storm of 1998 left a huge trail of destruction in its wake.

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Lubec, Maine - The Blizzard of '34 - Page 1 of 2

… Maine this winter, as the result of repeated storms. Here it is up to the eaves of the building, and young Fletcher Downes is standing on top of…

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Adventures in Aroostook County - Page 2 of 3

During one terrible storm, lighting hit in the middle of a cow pasture killing the whole herd of cows.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Shipbuilding: An Important Early Industry

Another story goes that when they hit a large storm that broke off the mast and he lashed his wife to the stub of it to keep her from being washed…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Agriculture

… on the apple blossoms followed by a severe snow storm on June 6th, more frost and then more snow on Oct. 7th.

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Stephen Titcomb and the Settlement of the Sandy River Valley

Stephen left right after the storm and continued on alone on snowshoes. He spent the winter in his log cabin and as spring approached he tapped his…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - Maritime Tales: Shipyards and Shipwrecks - Page 2 of 2

… 1900 New England was hit by an extremely severe storm. Destruction to shipping was widespread, especially along the Massachusetts shore.