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Historic Clothing Collection - 1900-1910 - Page 3 of 3

… dress, made by the Misses Macdonough of Portland, with neatly fitted pin tucked hips, tucked sleeves and silk cord scrolling at the square neck.

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Historic Clothing Collection - 1900-1910 - Page 1 of 3

… blouses (called waists) with standing collars, pin tucking, and lace insert detailing well represented.

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Historic Clothing Collection - Eighteenth Century - Page 1 of 3

With a square neck, pin tucked bodice, and short frilled edge sleeves, this worn and simple little dress is made of a coarse cotton, block printed…

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - Mills and Homes in Stockholm

… mill, veneer mill, baseball bat mill, clothes pin mill, bowling pin mill, two lumber mills, cedar mill, shingle mill, and a lath mill (lath are…

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Historic Hallowell - Johnny Stringer ~ A Character of Industry

… but interesting, products was handmade clothes pins produced by one of the city’s more colorful tradesmen, Johnny Stringer.

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Early Maine Photography - Occupational

… John Stringer of Hallowell (who also made clothes pins) and Benjamin F. Cunningham of Freedom, shown resting his hand on a sample miniature Empire…

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - The History of Stockholm

Another company was built to make clothes pins, peavey and pick–pole handles, whiffle–trees, snowshoes and perforated chair seats.

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Historic Hallowell - Shipbuilding

… of the above head deck while the other end was pinned to the wall supporting the roof. Giant, wooden bolts were used to hold everything into place…

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Life on a Tidal River - Three Civil War Letters - Page 2 of 4

We are Provided with Rubber cloths 6 x 2 feet, which we lay on at night-or throw over our sholders when it rains.

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Mercy Hospital - School of Nursing - Page 2 of 3

… the shield was also worn on student nurses’ pins. The shield was actually the badge of the Order of Ransom, founded in 1218 in the city of…