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These sites were created for each contributing partner or as part of collaborative community projects through Maine Memory. Learn about collaborative projects on MMN.

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - A word of thanks

… University of New England And of course, the amazing staff at the Maine Community Heritage Project and the Maine Memory Network--Larissa, Kathy…

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Skowhegan Community History - About the Project

… digital photographs of these and many other amazing items. Working closely with staff from MHS and the History House, students have learned to do…

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Historic Hallowell - Affects of the Blizzard of 1952

… and they fixed the houses, but the shock and amazement of the blizzard stayed with the people for a life time. Written by Samantha Merrill

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm In Hallowell

And how amazing friends you have. Little did we know how great our families are. Large groups of families, were coming together to help each other…

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Life on a Tidal River - Doughty Students

… gas and sugar! The Bangor Public Library has an amazing collection of Bangor Daily News on microfilm Mrs.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Moving to Maine: There to Here - Page 2 of 3

… Historical Society After they got over the “snow amazement” phase, my parents found an over abundance of food.

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John Martin: Expert Observer - First balloon ascension, Bangor, 1857

… that hardly a person could express even their amazement every one of all the thousands were as it were dumb for a moment when at this moment the…

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - Olof Nylander, 1864-1943

The collection has stayed amazingly intact and a large part of it is on permanent display at the Nylander Museum in Caribou.

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor: Healthcare Center of Eastern and Central Maine - Page 1 of 2

Amazingly, the hospital had treated over 150 patients within their first year of service. The doctors and nurses continued to impress as more…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - Dreamland and Liberty

The people that went there were amazed by the grandeur of its interior. From the floor to the ceiling, it was 24 feet high.

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Lincoln, Maine - Mills & Paper Industry - Page 1 of 2

… has worked in the woods just like Alvin, and I am amazed that he is six generations back in my family.

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Lincoln, Maine - MacGregor's Spool Mill

… we had reached home and Papa had been told of the amazing tale, we had a small celebration and “Thanked God,” for we had been put to hard times…