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Guilford, Maine - MANUFACTURING - Page 2 of 2

New Addition to Guilford Woolen Mill, ca. 1930Item Contributed byGuilford Historical Society Interface Fabrics is the biggest mill in Guilford.

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Guilford, Maine - Early Manufacturing - Page 2 of 3

The Draper Mill relocated and built a facility on Water Street. Innovations included 94 modern automatic looms replacing 40 hand looms.

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Western Maine Foothills Region - Hugh J. Chisholm, Sr. - Page 1 of 2

… Falls Light and Water Company, Rumford Falls Woolen Company, Rumford Falls Realty Company, and, finally, Oxford Paper Company (which was to become…

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - Civil War

… sent, 17 pairs of woolen drawers [underwear], 17 woolen shirts, 15 woolen socks, 18 handkerchiefs, 8 papers corn starch, 2 bottles of jelly, 1…

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - V. A Cascade of Booms & Busts (1790-1865) - Page 1 of 3

Mill wheel bearing, Saco, ca. 1840Item Contributed byMcArthur Public Library The first sawmill was built around 1853, and before the coming of…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Early Years on Mt. Desert Island

Sawmills, woolen mills and grist mills were built near the sound and other areas on MDI. Shipbuilding was also one of MDI’s early businesses.

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Guilford, Maine - Pre-Settlement And The First 100 Years

Hussey Woolen Company. With water rushing over the dam, logs were hurled directly through the windows of the lower floors of both mills.

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Skowhegan Community History - Skowhegan: "A Place To Watch"

Labor intensive saw mills, woolen mills, and wood related businesses, along with hydroelectric facilities, took their place along the flowing…

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Guilford, Maine - The Next Fifty Years 1916-1966

Guilford Woolen Mills Company was formed. McKusick Fuel Company was established. Samuel and Paul Herrick expanded their business to include a service…

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Guilford, Maine - BUILDINGS - Page 2 of 5

After, Piscataquis Woolen Company built the mill and the store was moved by the office of Straw and Martin at the mouth of Mill Street.

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Guilford, Maine - BUILDINGS - Page 4 of 5

… turn of the century Guilford had the railroad, woolen mills, a newspaper, and even a cinema. What the town needed was a library.

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Rustication

… a blacksmith, a shoemaker, a tanning yard, a woolen factory, at least four mills, two shipyards, a schoolhouse, and a church.