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Early Maine Photography - Famous People - Page 2 of 3

House of Representatives. Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1854, he gained a national reputation for his opposition to slavery and his expertise in…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Hannibal Hamlin, Bangor, 1866

House and Senate. Martin wrote under the illustration, "Hannibal Hamlin in Norombega Sept 8th 1866." The remainder of the writing that can be seen…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - People Who Called Scarborough Home - Page 2 of 4

… subcommittee that prepared the final draft of the U.S. Constitution. Rufus was a prominent opponent of the extension of slavery in the colonies.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Arthur R. Gould

Senate, Gould chaired the U.S. Senate Committee on Immigration. While serving in the U.S. Senate, Gould fought hard and effectively for the benefit…

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Life on a Tidal River - William S. Cohen, The Man and the School

He was elected to the U. S. Senate in 1978, 1984 and 1990. While in the Congress, Cohen was forced to vote on two very controversial issues: Richard…

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Edmund S. Muskie Archives and Special Collections Library

View collections, facts, and contact information for this Contributing Partner.

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Life on a Tidal River - Four Famous Bangorians

Senate, 9 May 2017, King, Tabitha, and Marsha DeFilippo.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - History of Presque Isle

Government chose Presque Isle’s airport as the site for the U.S. Army Air Base; the construction of the Presque Isle Air Base in 1941 kicked off a…

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Aroostook Valley Railroad

Mr. Gould also served as a Maine and U.S. Senator. The main hospital building at the Aroostook Medical Center on Academy Street is named in his honor.