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Guilford, Maine - WELCOME

… through merchants and businessmen, to the soldiers and heroes who lived and died here, and of the sacrifices of sweat, tears and even lives…

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Guilford, Maine - Veterans Tributes - Page 1 of 2

… into another cave where he destroyed five enemy soldiers. Throughout the entire operation, he went on numerous patrols in front of the lines and…

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Guilford, Maine - Special Events

Once more we would welcome our soldiers home and once more we would live in peace for a short time. Now we would build again in our town and take up…

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Guilford, Maine - Early Manufacturing - Page 1 of 3

Early Manufacturing By: Tom Goulette From the earliest days when the first trees were felled, crude cabins erected and gardens started, Guilford…

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Guilford, Maine - Early Manufacturing - Page 3 of 3

Early Manufacturing Pride Manufacturing Company A third major industry of which the town proudly boasted had a fifty year history here before…

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Guilford, Maine - Early Manufacturing - Page 2 of 3

Early Manufacturing Guilford of Maine Guilford Woolen Mill Finishing Room Crew, ca, 1890Item Contributed byGuilford Historical Society In…

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Guilford, Maine - SPORTS - Page 1 of 3

SPORTS History of Sports by: Piscataquis Community Middle School 8th Grade Students Included in the next three pages: Baseball Basketball Soccer…

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Guilford, Maine - SPORTS - Page 3 of 3

SPORTS Soccer (photos scanning in process) Text By: Elaine Riitano & Belle-Natalie Wingert Eighth Grade Students at Piscataquis Community Middle…

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Guilford, Maine - SPORTS - Page 2 of 3

SPORTS Basketball Luke Nadeau, Matt Stone Mr. Webb Pirates Basketball was a very big sport in the 1900s. Over the years they won 10 championships.

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Guilford, Maine - RESOURCES


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Guilford, Maine - Guilford Schools

Guilford Schools Like The Phoenix Rising Out Of The Ashes By: Rex Webb, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher and 8th Grade Students Piscataquis…

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Guilford, Maine - EXHIBITS

EXHIBITS We hope you enjoy the tour of Guilford through our Exhibits. The five exhibits were written and designed by MCHP Guilford Team Members Tom…