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These sites were created for each contributing partner or as part of collaborative community projects through Maine Memory. Learn about collaborative projects on MMN.

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Historic Hallowell - Kennebec Wire Company

Kennebec Wire Company Wire Mill, Hallowell, ca. 1880Item Contributed byHubbard Free Library Out of the many industries along the Bombahook and…

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Historic Hallowell - Seaport on the Kennebec

1890Item Contributed byHubbard Free Library In A Maritime History of Bath and the Kennebec River Region, William Avery Baker pointed out that ...

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Historic Hallowell - Commerce on the Kennebec

… Free Library Hallowell’s Commerce on the Kennebec includes treacherous logging on the Kennebec, shipbuilding in Hallowell, very famous Hallowell…

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Historic Hallowell - Commerce on the Kennebec Citations

4, 2010). Hunton, F. D., Kennebec River Flood, Business district, Hallowell, 1870, Hallowell ME, 1870,…

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Historic Hallowell - Sweat on the Kennebec ~ Hallowell Steam and Boom Company

Sweat on the Kennebec ~ Hallowell Steam and Boom Company Hallowell Steam and Boom Company, Hallowell, ca.

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Historic Hallowell - Joppa

Joppa Kennebec River Flood, North end of Joppa, Hallowell, 1896 Item 31108 infoHubbard Free Library

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Historic Hallowell - News Article by Emily Markham

The Kennebec River has wrecked $1,000,000 worth of Hallowell all together, and without any effort. This was a very hard time for every one and…

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Historic Hallowell - “Maine’s Century” Ends

… and environmental groups to promote the continued revitalization of the Kennebec through the Kennebec River Initiative. Next step in our journey.

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Historic Hallowell - Meeting at Koussinok

Meeting at Koussinok Kennebec River Item Contributed byHubbard Free Library Late in the fall of 1625 a small boat with seven men aboard slowly…

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Skowhegan Community History - Kennebec River Log Drive

Kennebec River Log Drive by Michael Hoy Log driving began in Maine on the Saco river in the 18th century.

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Historic Hallowell - Hallowell Waterfront - Page 2 of 2

… Della Collins, Eastern Steamship Company Wharf, Kennebec River, Hallowell, ca. 1890 Click on the picture and zoom-in for a closer look! Check out…

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Historic Hallowell - Solid Foundations - Hallowell Granite

Hallowell is no exception. The Kennebec River is the thoroughfare. While, like most communities in Maine the first resource exploited was timber…