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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Prominent Women

The sisters operated a private school for girls in Farmington, known as Wendall Institute, for 13 years.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - A Murder In Strong

… was never any solid evidence that he murdered the girl, but he was considered a solid suspect, and was arrested and held for nearly a year until…

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Lubec, Maine - The Gardner Lake Tragedy - Page 1 of 2

The Kelley girl was eventually carried to shore by Miss Stella M. Burhoe, Ridge School teacher...” Miriam Kelley & Wyman Ramsdell X Miriam…

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Surry by the Bay - Phebe Fowler: A Woman of Property

“The two prettiest girls in Surry—Phebe and Ellen.” Then right beneath it in a different hand: “They are not so.” Phebe’s losses had not yet aged her.

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - Maritime Tales: Shipyards and Shipwrecks - Page 1 of 2

… Lobster Boats and Skiffs Dory with Twin Girls, Scarborough, ca. 1905Item Contributed byScarborough Historical Society & Museum Later, in the…

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Lincoln, Maine - MacGregor's Spool Mill

Even though I am older and less of a silly girl, I still have kept this journal, much to the hilarity of my older sister. Mr.

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Lincoln, Maine - Masonic Hall

… was a public building, though, like the Rainbow Girls and some high school civic students who attended town meetings.

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Cumberland & North Yarmouth - Skyline Farm - Making and Preserving History

Skyline Farm Riding School: 1944 - 1970 Ready to Enjoy a Ride Ca. 1955 X In the early 1940’s, Abby Dolloff married Carleton (Carl) R.

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Lincoln, Maine - Jonathan Clay Jr.

There is a family of Clays in our town and a girl in my class with the last name of Clay. Maybe somewhere down the line this is her relative.

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Lincoln, Maine - Telegraphs & Telephones

In 1912, Kelly Thibodeau became the first girl to work in this Lincoln office. Also in 1912 Frank Bixby installed a pole changer, which is electric…