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These sites were created for each contributing partner or as part of collaborative community projects through Maine Memory. Learn about collaborative projects on MMN.

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Guilford, Maine - Historic Buildings - Page 1 of 2

Whiting & Sons Company. In this photo, the town of Guilford was preparing for the Guilford Centennial Celebration in 1916.

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Lubec, Maine - Lubec History

… family.” Lubec High School Band, Washington, D.C., 1965Item Contributed byLubec Memorial Library The booming economy brought by the sardine…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Building Of The Arts Era

It was sold to E.D Holt in the early 1940s for $305.24 and then in 1947 it was sold yet again, to Consuello Sides.

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New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future - East New Portland Village

He chiseled D.H. 1783 on the front and E.H. on the back. Also recorded this account in town records so future generations would know the history of…

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Life on a Tidal River - Three Civil War Letters - Page 1 of 4

… primarily engaged in the defense of Washington, D.C. They were encamped overlooking the Potomac and Alexandria Rivers near Franconia, in Fairfax…

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Lincoln, Maine - Jacob Stinchfield

N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2010. < Aroostook_War>. Fellows, Dana W. "Stinchfield." History of the Town of Lincoln Penobscot…

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Lincoln, Maine - Steamboats

"The Governor Neptune" 3-D steamboat by Tatianna Barkowsky X Present: Steamboats were a very effective means by which to transport people and…

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Lubec, Maine - Canning Sardines in Lubec: Technology, the Syndicate and Labor

National Museum in Washington, D. C. details the process of canning. The first step was to cut off heads and tails, and remove innards.

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Life on a Tidal River - Narrative

… Head-of-Tide Text by David Bergquist, Ed.D., L.H.D. Image selection by Dana Lippitt, Curator, Bangor Historical Society; Bill Cook, Special…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - "Representing every particular:" John Martin's Reflections, Illustrations, and Commentary - Page 2 of 2

He wrote that the "evil one" or the "d – – – l" followed him, disrupting his business career. He made arrangements with employers, or with a…

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Guilford, Maine - Modern History: 1966 to Present

… Park X Another downturn came in 2002 when the D.E.P threatened suit over an unpermitted transfer station, the town garage was deteriorating…

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Lubec, Maine - Timeline

… Maine in the Cherry Blossom Parade, Washington, D.C. 1971 • Regional Medical Center founded 1972 • American Can closes in Lubec • Movie theater…