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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Soldiers Of The Civil War

Ames on January 10, 1864. He went to prison in the same year. People say that he died in prison in the state of Georgia on March 3, 1865.

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - War of 1812

… whose grandson, Joshua, became a hero in the Civil War. The elder Chamberlain was a shipbuilder from Orrington and lost two ships in the Battle of…

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor and the Civil War

He also suffered a head wound in the Battle of Fredericksburg. Libby prison was located in Richmond, Virginia.

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Blue Hill, Maine - John Edward Horton, Civil War Soldier

His diary of prison life tells of the horrendous living conditions at the prisons. Numerous people died every day.

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor and the Civil War Resources

Bangor and the Civil War Resources “Anderson Prison.” Civil War Trust., n.d. Web. 5/23/2012.

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Early Maine Photography - War - Page 2 of 2

War As the Civil War began in 1861, the ambrotype was joined by the tintype as a form of photography "popular with soldiers and camp photographers…

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Lincoln, Maine - Thomas G. Libby

More evidence of his bravery during the Civil War was they had to steal food from the farmers just to survive.

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Lincoln, Maine - Frederick A. Edwards

Edwards never had to endure the southern prisons, but he was in attendance at the execution of a Confederate Captain, who had killed a guard in an…

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Grand Army of the Republic

… Republic was a fraternal organization made up of Civil War veterans from the Union Army. This group had meetings for the members and picnics that…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - The Sagadahoc County Courthouse

… of his letters he talks about how he was taken prisoner and sent to a prison in Libby for nine months then to various other campsites.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - A Murder In Strong

He died at the Maine State Prison after only serving six years, proclaiming his innocence to the day he died.

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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea - Home

… Architecture SEE historic artifacts from the Civil War LISTEN to the memories of the Great Depression DISCOVER the life and times of Major General…