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Blue Hill, Maine - Discover the Story of Blue Hill - Page 4 of 4

… good schools and the right place to raise their children. Putting Together First Issue of Weekly Packet, December 1, 1960Item Contributed…

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Lincoln, Maine - Catholic Church

… of Confirmation was held to a class of 30 school children at the same time. The huge population of Catholics, due to Father Reilly, was proof that…

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Lincoln, Maine - Aaron Woodbury

… married Rebecca King with whom he had some of his children. He then went to Orrington, Maine with four of his sons but Asa Woodbury (one of his…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - Historical Overview - Page 2 of 4

Three of his children became major public figures. Rufus represented New York in the United States Senate; and as a senator, worked on the Missouri…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - A Look Inside the Classroom Over Time - Page 3 of 4

It was used for most of the children's education, not only for its content, but for building basic reading skills.

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Surry by the Bay - Surry Opera Company

… carpenters, sawyers, clam diggers, children, architects and retirees--came together to perform the two operas at the Hancock County Auditorium…

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Surry by the Bay - Nineteenth Century

… economy and lives of those elderly, wives, and children left behind. Leverett and Addie Morgan's son did not want to join the war effort, so they…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Railroad into the Village

Quite a crowd of men, women and children collected on the brow of the hill near the residence of H. B. Stoyell, Esq.

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Islesboro--An Island in Penobscot Bay - Early Settlements

Area children were served by one school in the Sprague District. Lime Kiln Wharf, Islesboro, ca.

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Islesboro--An Island in Penobscot Bay - Businesses and Cottage Industries

… cooks, interior home workers and nursemaids for children. F.S. Pendleton and Company Store, interior, Islesboro, ca.

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Guilford, Maine - BUILDINGS - Page 4 of 5

Several children from the community, under the direction of art teacher Mary Lightbody, drew and water-colored images of the old building.

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Scarborough Historical Society & Museum

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