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Western Maine Foothills Region - Dixfield's Church on the Hill

… It was a happy and fun time of year that the children of Dixfield would look forward to and in which the whole community would participate.

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New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future - New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future

He lived a long life in the area, having many children and impacting the early settlement of the area.

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New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future - North New Portland Village

Many children have spent hours playing in this water. Charles B. Clark came from Industry, ME and settled on the Bog Road (Rt.

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Cumberland & North Yarmouth - Brothers of the Civil War

… in Gray on January 26, 1840, the third of six children and the second son born to Nathaniel Sawtelle Lawrence and Mary Ann Harris Lawrence.

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Pejepscot Historical Society

View collections, facts, and contact information for this Contributing Partner.

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - Stockholm, Maine

The Stockholm School has closed and now the children go to New Sweden School. Anderson's store is still open and it has become the place to catch up…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Stephen Titcomb and the Settlement of the Sandy River Valley

Betsey Titcomb and her children remained with the Norton’s for four months until the trails were clear enough for them to continue with their journey.

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - Riverside Park

It was said that some children gained free admission by hiding out in the bushes there and then blending in with the crowd entering the Park.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - National Community Christmas Tree - 1959

… reindeer, an Eskimo family, arts and crafts from children around the world, youth representing Youth for Christ International, and a Yule Log pit.

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Thomaston: The Town that Went to Sea - Raymond Wallace

Before I was 25 I had had 5 children. How did you get your clothing? My mother made the majority of our clothing.

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor: Lumber Capital of the World

… lumberjacks brought families with them, but their children had few schools to attend. Bangor’s people also had only a small number of stores at…

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor: Healthcare Center of Eastern and Central Maine - Page 2 of 2

… for treating diseases and other things in children. The other division became a doctor’s lounge, dressing room, conference room, and library.