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Item 13541

Brooklin Village School, circa 1948

Contributed by: Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society Date: circa 1948 Location: Brooklin Media: Photo transparency

Item 80996

Village School Students, St. Albans, ca. 1903

Contributed by: St. Albans Historical Society Date: circa 1903 Location: St. Albans Media: Photographic print

Item 67388

Surry Village School Reunion, 1993

Contributed by: Surry Historical Society Date: 1993 Location: Surry Media: Photographic print


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Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic: Brooklin Schools

When Brooklin, located on the Blue Hill Peninsula, was incorporated in 1849, there were ten school districts and nine one-room school houses. As the years went by, population changes affected the location and number of schools in the area. State requirements began to determine ways that student's education would be handled. Regardless, education of the Brooklin students always remained a high priority for the town.


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Public education has been a part of Maine since Euro-American settlement began to stabilize in the early eighteenth century. But not until the end of the nineteenth century was public education really compulsory in Maine.


Otisfield's One-Room Schoolhouses

Many of the one-room schoolhouses in Otisfield, constructed from 1839 through the early twentieth century, are featured here. The photos, most of which also show teachers and children, were taken between 1898 and 1998.

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Surry by the Bay - Surry Village School

The school deteriorated badly in the 1940s, and finally, after the chemical toilets froze up and other maintenance problems occurred, the school was…

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Guilford, Maine - Guilford Schools

By 1880 all Guilford Village school age children attended classes at the new Town Hall. Guilford Town Hall, ca.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - 1895 Village School

1895 Village School Village School student body, Strong, ca. 1895 Item 65513 infoStrong Historical Society Strong had as many as eight…

My Maine Stories

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Stories from Eastport
by Ruth McInnis

My memories of growing up in Eastport, WWII, camping, and history on the border


Service in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan by MAJ Adam R. Cote
by Adam R. Cote

Military Service has had a deep impact my life


A poem about my experiences in Vietnam
by Doug Rawlings

A poem about my experiences in Vietnam