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Item 6061

Ice storm damage, 1886

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1886-01-28 Location: Portland Media: Albumen print

Item 22757

Snow roller, Castle Hill, ca. 1925

Contributed by: Haystack Historical Society Date: circa 1925 Location: Castle Hill Media: Photographic print

Item 13190

Snow roller, Caribou, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Caribou Public Library Date: circa 1930 Location: Caribou Media: Photographic print

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Most Inconvenient Storm

A Portland newspaper wrote about an ice storm of January 28, 1886 saying, "The city of Portland was visited yesterday by the most inconvenient storm of the season."


The Arrival of Winter

The astronomical arrival of winter -- also known as the winter solstice -- marks the year's shortest day and the season of snow and cold. It usually arrives on December 21.


Cape Elizabeth Shipwrecks

The rocky coastline of Cape Elizabeth has sent many vessels to their watery graves.

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Day 1

Written by Clio Barr Ice Storm Extras The ice storm of 1998 was a natural disaster in Maine. It was a bad storm for everyone, it killed people and…

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm In Hallowell

Ice Storm In Hallowell Ice Storm In Hallowell by Ashley Boerner and Tiffiny McCollett I don’t like ice storms that much.

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Interviews - Page 2 of 2

Ice Storm Interviews Ice Storm, Wingate Residence, Hallowell, 1998Hubbard Free Library Clio Barr's Interview of Wendy Wingate about the Ice…

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A first encounter with Bath and its wonderful history
by John Decker

Visiting the Maine Maritime Museum as part of a conference