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Item 9855

McCormack Threshing Machine, 1926

Contributed by: Ste. Agathe Historical Society Date: 1926 Location: Saint Agatha Media: Metal

Item 19549

Hand sickle, Stockholm. 1900

Contributed by: Stockholm Historical Society Date: circa 1900 Location: Stockholm Media: Wood, steel

Item 79228

Libby Farm, Big Lake Township, 1932

Contributed by: Joyce Carle through Princeton Public Library Date: 1932 Location: Big Lake Township Media: Photographic print

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The British capture and occupation of Eastport 1814-1818

The War of 1812 ended in December 1814, but Eastport continued to be under British control for another four years. Eastport was the last American territory occupied by the British from the War of 1812 to be returned to the United States. Except for the brief capture of two Aleutian Islands in Alaska by the Japanese in World War II, it was the last time since 2018 that United States soil was occupied by a foreign government.


John Y. Merrill: Leeds Farmer, Entrepreneur, & More

John Y. Merrill of Leeds (1823-1898) made terse entries in diaries he kept for 11 years. His few words still provide a glimpse into the life of a mid 18th century farmer, who also made shoes, quarried stone, moved barns, made healing salves -- and was active in civic affairs.


Good Will-Hinckley: Building a Landscape

The landscape at the Good Will-Hinckley campus in Fairfield was designed to help educate and influence the orphans and other needy children at the school and home.

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Maine's Swedish Colony, July 23, 1870 - Agricultural Statistics of the Colony, 1870 to 1880

"… - 20 acres planted 1871 wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, beans, and potatoes - 166 acres planted apples - 19 trees 1873 grass - 400 acres horses -…"

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Historic Hallowell - Poor Farm

"… of potatoes 140 bushels of apples, 175 bushels oats and barley, quite an amount of corn, beans, &c., also 1200 pounds pork and 500 pounds beef."

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - 1840 U.S. Census Questions

"… bushels of wheat did you grow in 1839? Barley? Oats? Rye? Indian corn? Buck wheat? Potatoes? 5. How many pounds of wool? Hops? Wax? 6."